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Till The End
And baby in the end
It’s just you & me.

I’ve been broken
I have died
All shot baby
We both tried…
Roll me, roll me, roll me, roll me, roll me
Roll me through this darkness once again.
Say what you want babe
Say what you will
I’m just looking for a fight
Baby til the end
It’s you & me baby til the end.
Baby, I’ve been down so long
You & me, you & me
I can see, I can see.
Oh yeah, I can see.
I can see child….
It’s just you & me.
It’s you & me baby til the end.
The thunder & the rain
Nothing’s the same
Oh baby, I just can’t change.
The thunder & the rain
Nothings the same…
I can’t change.

Zakk Wyld....Till The End

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