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"Learning To Love"

I'd give you my heart
I'd give you my soul
Cause you're all I ever wanted baby
I knew from the start
I'd never let go
Cause you got a hold
And I want you to show me how
To be something better
I want you to show me now
I'm dying to live, you say I'm running
I'm ready to give, you think I'm lying
You know that I'm trying
But maybe I don't give enough
I'm still learning to love
You open the door
And show me your world
Yeah now I never want to leave it
I know you want more than I gave before
I won't let you down
And I just want to show you how
I can be so much better
I just want to show you now
Fighting improving gets so confusing
I'm losing my mind
If you hear me calling
Save me from falling out
I'm dying to live
I'm ready to...

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March 4 ,2012


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